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 Luxurious Weddings Ltd is an innovative and dynamic online ecommerce store that aims to revolutionise the wedding industry by providing affordable options and unique ideas. As the CEO of Luxurious Weddings Ltd, I am deeply passionate about offering a diverse range of products and services that cater to every aspect of your special event, from engagements to bachelorette and stag nights, school balls, birthdays, christenings, and business get-togethers.

With a background rooted in the beautiful West Coast of New Zealand and raised in Christchurch, my love for my hometown is unwavering. As a mother of three wonderful children, including twin girls with autism who require full-time care, my personal journey of wanting more than being confined to the home became the driving force behind the creation of Luxurious Weddings. I firmly believe that as an entrepreneur, one must pursue their dreams and aim to build an empire. I encourage all the mothers out there to pursue their aspirations and go after what they want!

At Luxurious Weddings, our vision is to offer something truly special and be the catalyst for a remarkable transformation in the wedding and formal events industry. We strive to make weddings more affordable and introduce fun, fresh, and new looks. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for everything you need, saving you time, money, and stress. From bridal to formal dresses, suits, attire for wedding guests, and even formal outfits for other special events, we have carefully curated a wide range of clothing options to suit every style and preference.

We understand that planning an event can be overwhelming, which is why we also offer assistance with party planning, dinner parties, and thoughtful gifts for guests. Our extensive collection includes everything from marquees to table centerpieces, ensuring that we have all the essentials to create a memorable and extraordinary event experience.

As an ecommerce store, we source our products globally to bring you the best prices and an unparalleled range that you won't find anywhere else. Our goal is to provide convenience and eliminate the need for you to shop at multiple stores. We find the fastest shipping times for you, so you don't have to wait. Why go through the hassle of visiting multiple stores when you can find everything you need right here?

Whether it's a wedding or any other special event, Luxurious Weddings Ltd is dedicated to offering exceptional products and services that exceed expectations. We showcase the latest trends, provide personalized customer support, and ensure that your journey with us is enjoyable and stress-free. Thank you for choosing Luxurious Weddings Ltd, and we look forward to being a part of your special day.




 If you experience any troubles on the site or something isn't functioning properly, please leave us a message and we can take action straight away. Our experienced IT team is dedicated to solving your issue quickly and efficiently. We value your feedback and will do our best to address your concerns as soon as possible