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12 Color Lace Eyeshadow Palette

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Imagine gazing into a cluttered makeup drawer or bag and feeling confused or overwhelmed by the myriad of shades packed inside. With the Vintage 12 Color Lace Eyeshadow Tray, every color you need is conveniently packed in one neat, vintage-style palette that adds sophistication to your collection.

Timeless Appeal

Made with precision in China’s crafting trade, this lace tray embodies timeless beauty that translates to looks of elegance and charm when you carry it with you. The palette is as diverse and rich in its makeup applications as the wardrobes of the eras it represents.

Colors Full of Life

Paint your eyelids with colors that are as lively as we imagine the 1920s to be: shades of rose and blush, peacock greens, and passion-prompting reds, among others. Every day feels like a costume party when you can take your looks to new heights.

Multi-Purpose Beauty

There’s no need for multiple palettes for each type of makeup product when you have the Vintage 12 Color Lace Eyeshadow Tray. Each color doubles as an eyeshadow, blush, or highlighter with the right touch and placement.

Long-Lasting Elegance

Top-quality eyeshadows are long wearing memories of the past made into memories of your own thanks to superior craftsmanship in every pot. When you want to make a statement and ensure it lasts all day, turn to the trays inside this palette.

Mysterious and Confident

Step into days when makeup wasn’t a choice but an essential part of maintaining grace and mystery. This tray gives you makeup options that spark curiosity—or answers questions about your charisma. It’s never been easier than with this Vintage 12 Color Lace Eyeshadow Tray.