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Silk Peony Flower Stem - Wedding Bouquet & Home Decor

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This elegant silk peony flower stem is a perfect addition to any wedding bouquet; it features realistic silk peonies crafted to perfection to mimic the beauty of real peonies. Our silk peony flower stem features 5 exclusive heads of Phillipos roses with their delicate silk petals and rich peony colors, making it an elegant accompaniment to any bridal bouquet. Each rose is masterfully arranged to ensure that the silhouette of the silk flower closely resembles that of real flowers.

A sumptuous silk peony flower stem will enrich the appearance and appeal of your wedding day, whether used as a bouquet piece or as a standalone decor item. It adds a touch of romance and sophistication to the bouquet, making it a perfect keepsake from your special day.

Each silk peony flower stem has a generous flower diameter of 6 cm with a total length of 30cm. Its dimensions make it an ideal centerpiece in a flower arrangement, setting the stage for a grand and luxurious display of delicate silk roses. The size is also perfect for any centerpiece design that you may want to achieve, as they can easily be fitted with any available flower arrangements.

Our silk peony rose stems come in a variety of mesmerizing colors, giving you the creative freedom to match them with your wedding theme. The shimmering texture of the silk petals adds an ethereal quality to the wedding bouquet and captivates attention effortlessly. The artistry involved in creating these silk peony stems is a testament to the beauty and charm that fresh flowers possess, setting your wedding bouquet apart from traditional silk flowers.


If you are looking to surprise someone special for Valentine's day, our silk peony flower stem is the perfect gift. The silk flower represents the beauty of love and hope, inviting recipients to appreciate the romance and meaning behind the floral gift. The everlasting quality of silk peonies renders them as cherished symbols of love and remembrance that will last longer. The gift evokes beauty and charm, expressing love in a refined and timeless manner.

This Valentine's day, gift something that will bring a smile to your loved one's face and communicate your emotions effortlessly. Our silk peony flower stem is an artisan creation imbued with love and creativity, and gifting it to your loved one would accentuate the romantic feelings that you share. The silk flowers will endure in time as a cherished memorabilia of the love that you share, creating a powerful and lasting impression for years to come.


Get your silk peony flower stem today and add a touch of elegance and sophistication that artificial flowers cannot replicate. The beauty and luxury of silk peonies will transform your event and home into a haven of romance and charm, enchanting visitors with their delicate hues and intricate texture. The artistry involved in creating silk flowers is a tribute to nature's beauty and the perennial grace that flowers embody, offering a reflection and memorial of the love that you cherish.

Claim your silk peony flower stem now and delight in its beauty and meaning about you and your loved ones in an exceptional and timeless manner.