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500mw RGB Laser Light - Perfect for DJs, Parties, and Clubs!

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Introducing the ALIEN Club Series - SLP-RGB500

The SLP-RGB500 laser, a masterpiece designed for the connoisseur of high-end entertainment, awaits your acquisition. The SLP-RGB500 laser system is the crown jewel, offering seamless integration with DMX512 control, giving you command over the spectacle.❤️

Enjoy a symphony of light like no other, as each hue radiates elegance from a full-color RGB system. Revel in the variety of playing modes, from the vibrant to the ethereal, catering to any theme or mood hence🇻🇳🏠💯.

The Most ANTICIPATED Laser Lightshow in a decade!

Order Turnkey by Antari is the most advanced, feature-rich professional Smoke and Haze series.

  • Efficiency and reliability

Shift your entertainment experience into overdrive with the ALIEN Club Series by going beyond the fast flicker and instantly stand out. Our super powerful high-speed devices fit in perfectly with any event and venue size. Experience unparalleled lightshow with MAXMEEL! Our creative team has designed unique patterns that are sustainable and efficient to suit your entertainment needs.

For more advanced circle and check out our further projection effects in our online store, for the very best in entertainment innovation!

The intelligent cooling system silently sustains the longevity of the spectacle,✈️
ensuring the continuity of your event's ambiance.

Your Video Projectors and Content Delivery must be powerful and adoptive for MAXMEEL Products.➕️

Experience a symphony of light unlike any other. You're going to have a lot to do which device you want to buy.📱📱📱
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Trust in the distinguished ALIEN brand, a guarantee of quality and innovation. Secure this limited-time offer for the ALIEN SLP-RGB500, and carry your audience on a journey through a visual extravaganza. Immersive lighting experiences is our forte, and we are your steadfast source for it! 🚀✨